“MAGICAL NATURAL” Beijing Solo Exhibit

  • DATE : 2018
  • PROJECT : exhibition

“MAGICAL NATURAL” Beijing Solo Exhibit

MAGICAL NATURAL at Times Art Museum, Beijing

My first solo in Beijing.

Dedicated to nature, cactus, plants and green life.

Also added some bananas, approximately a dozen of them, because they were cheaper if purchased in bulk.



August 8th – October 7th 2018

“MAGICAL NATURAL” is a reminder of the strengths of our natural environment, and our strengths over it.
Nature sets us on a magical wonder with its unique subliminal powers.
I like to think that each plant, flower, cacti has a soul of their own as they grow and live amongst us.
Giving them a friendly face is creating a new character to our natural world, to represent the loving relationship we have with it.
As humans, we grow, master, build, imagine, and explore in our natural worlds.
Through a journey into a wonderfully joyful, and soft, world of FLABJACKS,I hope to show the dualistic nature of this relationship; nature and us.
But above all, “MAGICAL NATURAL” is about bringing healing, and fun in the journey of appreciating the magic of nature.