“HAPPY ISLAND” at A4 Museum

  • DATE : 2018
  • PROJECT : exhibition

An invitation from A4 Museum in Chengdu to create an installation piece under the theme “Sanatorium of Childhood”, curated by Li Jie.


Animation featured in the show is done by my wizard-like-homie Desmond Lo, but the file was too chunky so I have spared you all from the loading process.


This was really fun.



A4 Museum

August 18th-October 2018


“Happy Island” is a healing journey for kids and adults alike at A4.

Visually, it is bright, colourful, magical and an instant burst of joy.

Physically, it is soft and soothing to touch.

For FLABJACKS, every thing can have a form of life.

When you see a leaf, you may see a fairy.

When you see a cloud, you may see a friend in it.

When you see a potato chip, you see a round friendly face.

This has a sense of purity.

It represents an understanding of our world and our spaces in its simplest and natural form.

Children, in a way are more mature thinkers of the world.

Because they are able to think freely, without existing logic, judgement and thoughts.

They see themselves in their environment, in a uniquely different embodiment.

The world is new, and so are all the objects and living things amongst them.

The soft creatures are sort of like vessels for them to be carried away into their own imaginations.

There is something therapeutic about being transported into a bright and whimsical childlike world.

By simply pausing and lounging, we are calming.


The animation showcases a “thing”, named Bob, deep breathing in and out. In and out.

With each inhale, a flower slowly blossoms.

Through the deep breathing, we are brought back to the present moment.

Maybe by looking at Bob deep breathing, we can also be conscious our own breathing.

Very often, our minds can go in a thousand directions. Our thoughts can be cluttered.

But walking into “Happy Island”, a flower blooms as we breathe.

A calm energy flows.