FLABJACKS is the progeny of artist and illustrator Ton Mak. What began as escapist doodles quickly turned into its own fully formed world – a world of corpulent and odd folk, and of quirky inanimate thingymajigs brought to life.

To date, FLABJACKS has collaborated with brands around the world including Gucci, Lexus, Nike and Swatch, making its distinctive and colourful mark throughout Asia, Europe and the USA.

Solo Exhibits

“Pang Pang Market” – Nanjing Art Museum AMNUA, Nanjing, April 2019

“~*FOODLES*~ ” – NikeLab, Shanghai, March 2019

“Magical Natural” – Times Art Museum, Beijing, August 2018

“How do you Dough?” – everydaymooonday gallery, Seoul, February 2018

“Tales of Creatures from Quite Far Away” – 1905, Shenyang, November 2017

“FANANA” – M50, UNDEFINE gallery, Shanghai, June 2017

“Doodling as Meditation” – Kerry Parkside, Shanghai, November 2016

“Chub Club” – Chong Bang Group, Dream Hub, Kunshan, June 2016

“Easter Valley” – Kerry Jing An, Shanghai, April 2016

Group Exhibits

“Happy Island” – A4 Art Museum, Chengdu, coming up, August 2018

“How do you Dough?” – Neurotitan gallery, Berlin, May 2017

“Amanacliq Summer Festival” – Studio Ark, Shanghai, June 2016