I am Ton Mak
I am a doodler and visual artist.

I am fond of 4 key things:
elephant seals, fat, moles and root vegetables.

I create friendly creatures, representing a few of the above.

Flabjacks have a curiously ambiguous face, a rotund body, and exotically contrasting personalities. Very often they have moles on their faces too.

I create all kinds of visual art content and creative concepts. Sometimes I make products; things that you can poke, hug or just simply hang out with in the likes of: bean bags, plush toys, soft vinyl toys, and various practical stuff in life.


Where are you right now?
Mostly Shanghai, sometimes Hong Kong.
Is this your real job?
Yes. very real.
Do you have a go-to medium?
For doodles, all pens fly; I have a soft spot for Sharpie pens though.
For live art, I work with fat chunky permanent markers or paint.
For installation art, that’s always an adventure; I work across all kinds of materials.